Planning your Wedding Day can be a daunting affair for many couples and that’s perfectly normal! 
Here are some tips and advice from my experience that could really help you out in your planning and take some load off your shoulders!

Itinerary on google drive

Wedding Day Planning Tips

Having your itinerary plans on google sheets and sharing the link with your vendors will help a lot in making sure they can stay updated.

Those helping with the planning of your Actual-Day festivities can access it anytime if changes need to be made and it will be updated for everyone! 

Bridal Party Roles

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Main IC – Someone reliable and dependable you can trust. This person will be in charge of coordinating many things throughout the day and will need to be someone you can lean on! 

Tea Sisters – These sisters will be in charge of prepping the tea cups and tea for the tea ceremony. 

Treasurer – He/She will be in charge of holding onto the red packets you get or will give throughout the day! 

Audio Visual (A.V) – Try to choose a person that is comfortable with technology! He/She will be in charge of your montages/songs! 

Table to Table Photo-taking Helper – This person will be assisting to pre-empt and arrange the next table during photo taking! With many tables to go through, this is necessary to be more efficient! 

Morning Festivities

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Getting Ready shots

I like to start during the last leg of the Bride’s make up! This allows me to capture your getting dolled up and a few pictures of you and your wedding dress as well.

Do prepare a wooden hanger with a swivel top for the photographs of your dress! 

Keep the bride’s room neat and tidy so it will look better in photographs. 

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Gate crash

Have a space big enough for the gate crash and the vendors who are capturing it as well. Small tight spaces such as outside the lift is not recommended! Void decks are a great solution with good lighting and a wide open space. 

Try not to stand in a circle but instead in a line instead, this will be better for the photographs! 

Have fun and show the biggest reactions you can! 

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Bride send off

Prepare a red umbrella and red fan for your send off if you are following the tradition! Walk slowly and enjoy the moment with your family before you move on to the groom’s side! 

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Bridal party photographs

Include time in your itinerary for a Bridal Party Photoshoot! This is a chance to get beautiful and fun photos with your brothers and sisters.

Bring lots of water and portable fans, this segment will usually be during the hot part of the day!

Bring along fun props to spice up your photoshoot! (Bubble Maker, Sunglasses, Funny Hats)

Wet tissues to cool yourself down after will help lots!


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Vendor Lunch/Dinner – Best served when wedding couple is eating so as to not miss any moments 

Go around and mingle! This will allow me to capture the truest interactions between you and your guests. 

Have some time in your itinerary for a short couple photoshoot around your banquet venue!

Prepare some games to play, either between the wedding couple or for the guests. This is a great way to get the energy going for your wedding! 

A good Emcee does wonders. His/Her job will be to make everyone enjoy themselves to the fullest! 

Slow and steady. Slow down for your March ins, look up, smile and wave! It’s your moment, enjoy it to the fullest! Do remind the guests to not use flash on their phones during the march in or get in the way of the photographs! 

At the end of the day, this is YOUR wedding and YOUR day!

 The most important thing is that you yourselves enjoy the day to the fullest and can look back on it with the fondest memories. 

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